Growing up

Rarchar was born in Germany, raised by a career Air Force father and Thai mother.

One of the defining moments of his life growing up was dealing with his mother’s long time breast cancer.

Unable to receive adequate treatment in Germany, the family relocated to Randolph AFB for advanced medical treatment at Willford Hall Medical Center in early 1986.

Working with his new high school, they allowed him time off to help with his mother’s cancer treatments and to raise three younger siblings. Unfortunately, his mother eventually succumbed and passed away in late 1987.

He doesn’t regret the sacrifices made to ensure his mother’s time on earth was surrounded by family and love. All three of his brothers and sister graduated on-time and lead successful lives because of his sacrifice.

Decorated Combat Veteran

Rarchar is an Air Force veteran who was awarded the Airman’s Medal for heroism involving voluntary risk of life while assigned to 4404th Wing in Saudi Arabia. He saved many lives after a terrorist attack on American forces at Khobar Towers in June of 1996. Leading the first rescue team, he rendered first aid to six injured Airmen and evacuated two seriously injured individuals who were bleeding profusely with gaping wounds. Many witnesses saw him repeatedly enter the building to search for more wounded and provide first aid until medical help arrived. His commander stated, “thanks to his daring efforts, many survivors are alive today because of Sergeant Tortorello’s bravery and leadership.”

During his time at Tinker AFB, he was assigned to the 38th Engineering Installation Group, 3rd Combat Communications Group, and the 552nd Air Control Wing between 1993 and 2007.

An Advocate for Veterans

Rarchar is a long time advocate for veterans. He walks alongside them through the Department of Veterans Affairs process.  He helps ensure they receive the full measure of their hard-earned VA benefits and compensation

Norman Hometown Proud

Rarchar has lived in Oklahoma since 1993 and in east Norman since 2004. He’s the proud dad of two girls and attends Victory Church in Norman.

As a volunteer, Rarchar has helped lead Norman’s Volunteer Emergency Response Team. This citizen group educates and trains people to deal with emergency and disaster situations. They support police departments, fire departments, and local citizens during and after emergency/disaster events.

Rarchar also writes a “Hometown Heroes” column for Cleveland County Lifestyle Magazine, highlighting inspiring local veterans’ stories.