Why I am Running

Just as we have a patriotic duty to help our country, I believe we should also serve our local community.

All my life, I’ve been in and around the military. But now I’m ready to answer a new call of duty – standing up for the people of Norman and returning common sense to city government.

I was inspired to run through my work in the Unite Norman Movement.

I don’t think our police should be used as a political weapon.

I believe our elected officials should be accessible and accountable. They shouldn’t use their position to advance their own, narrow special interests. In fact, our city council members seem more inspired by politicians in DC and NYC than an actual desire to serve the people of Norman.

I will stand up for Ward 5 and the citizens of Norman first – and everyone else second. That includes standing up for and supporting our local schools, hospitals and business. We need to work with them, not against them, as the current council has done.

And, as recent events in our city have shown, we must have leaders with backbones – people with the courage to stand up to the loudest voices in our community. Polices must be judged not by the volume of supporters’ demands, but by the quality of their ideas and what’s in the best interest of Norman’s everyday citizens.

As your Ward 5 city councilman, that’s the standard by which I will judge each of my actions. I humbly ask for your support.